My first mobile redesign, I chose to redesign HBO GO in April. I found the UI clunky and in need of simplification. The original design had five bottom navigation buttons: Home, Categories, Search, Watchlist, and Sign Out. As I used the app, I found that Categories and Search could be combined and that I would accidentally hit the Sign Out button. In my redesign, I simplified the bottom navigation to simply Home, Search, and My Account and also removed the text. 

On the home screen, I added features such as Featured, Recommended, and New on HBO. I found that the home screen launched into Featured content and nothing else. There were no recommended videos based off past history and new videos or shows on HBO were hard to find quickly on the app. 

For Search I combined the original Categories and Search categories. In the streamlined version, I wanted users to go to one space to look for new content. I also found that the original app did not have a responsive search. When I typed in content nothing would populate until I clicked the "search" button.  I wanted the search engine to be responsive when I started typing in shows or videos. In the redesign, I have proposed search results to start populating immediately, as well suggested content if the desired video is not available. 

Finally, I removed the Sign Out button and tucked the Watchlist option into a new My Account button. Within My Account, I have Watchlist, Recommened again, and History. In the small settings button will be account settings and the option to sign out. For Watchlist, I have proposed the ability to create multiple playlists for family accounts.